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I am a 3rd generation Antiques dealer who was raised in an environment that nurtured love and respect for all things!

I have worked for the last 10yrs as a professional antiques dealer, private conservator/curator and am a little obsessed with upcycling!

I truly believe that we are merely custodians for our "possessions" and it is our duty to preserve and respect objects that tell our story!

I have extensive knowledge in and experience with:

- Georgian, Federal, Victorian, Edwardian and Mid 20th century architecture, furniture & home decor

- 17th - 20th century clothing, textiles & accessories - with a special focus on early - mid 20th century designer brands

- 18th - mid 20th century American, English, German & Japanese ceramics, porcelain & Glass

- Early Industrial - Machine age equipment, production & tools

- 18th - 20th century photography and equipment

- Folk Art, Arts & Crafts, Trench Art & White Smithing